Tarland lady gearing up for skydive

Irene and Karen at Irene's birthday meal
Irene and Karen at Irene's birthday meal

A Tarland woman is to undertake a skydive to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland, after her mother was diagnosed with the disease last year.

Karen Stewart’s mother Irene has Dementia with Lewy bodies, a type of dementia that shares sypmtoms with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

In December, Karen will be jumping out of a plane, along with Jacqueline Christie and Nicola MacPherson, who were both keen to take up the cause after seeing what Karen was doing.

Karen said: “Dementia is a heartbreaking illness to watch and my utmost respect goes to my brother who is mum’s carer.

“I wanted to do something terrifying to make it challenging and worth supporting.”

Karen added: “I don’t even like coming down from a loft, or being on anything with a precipice generally.

“Thinking about it makes me really nervous, but I know I’ve got to just focus on the reason why I’m doing it.”

So far, the three ladies gearing up to make the jump have raised £1,175, but are keen for more people to join them.

Karen said: “It’s really brilliant that Jacqueline and Nicola are joining me as it makes it less scary, although I’m still terrified.

“I’m really grateful as well to all the very kind people who have sponsored us, and want to raise as much as possible for Alzheimer Scotland.”

The ladies, and anyone brave and charitable enough to join them, will be making the jump on Saturday, September 26.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so on their JustGiving page, www.justgiving.com/KarenSkydive.

And anybody interested in joining them in the skydive can get all the details by emailing Karen, at karen@thislittlepiggy.marketing.