Tarland now buzzing with millions of new residents

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A new group of beekeepers in the Tarland area is delighted to report a very successful first year with 2.5 million bees buzzing into Deeside.

Since starting up in November 2013, the Tarland Bee Group has established a Community Apiary, and welcomed 46 new colonies to the area.

The Bee Group has addressed the national decline in bee populations by introducing the 2.5 million new residents to the area. This has created a vibrant social group eager to learn and expand, and enthusiastic about passing on their new found skills to others.

Yvonne Davidson, co-ordinator of the group, said: “It’s a great pleasure to be able to report a successful tale especially after the American Foul Brood outbreak in our area in July, which had us all on tender hooks for weeks.”

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm for the Community Apiary, which was created with the help of Tarland Development Group, The MacRobert Trust Estate, lots of borrowed equipment and a great deal of voluntary labour from mentors and members.

There are 26 people actively involved in the community apiary, and 17 others now keeping their own bees.

The 2014 Winter Talks season begins next week with a chance to hear ‘An Introduction to Beekeeping’ on Wednesday, November 12, from 7pm-9pm in the MacRobert Hall, Tarland.

This will be followed on December 3 by ‘Life of a Bee’ by Willow Lohr, also starting at 7pm in the MacRobert Hall.

Entry to the talks costs £3 including refreshments.