Tarland trails planning application submitted...

SITE: Drummy Woods
SITE: Drummy Woods

Mountain Bikers of Deeside may soon have a whole new set of trails to play with if a recently submitted planning application is accepted.

The Tarland Development group submitted an application to Aberdeenshire Council for a network of Mountain Bike trails in Drummy Woods.

There is already strong support for the proposal, with similar initiatives, i.e. The Aboyne Bike Park in the Bellwood, already being recognised as beneficial for both local people and the economy.

However according to a site report, by the Royal Commission on The Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, Drummy Woods contains: “a Scheduled area covering two prehistoric roundhouses and a kiln... A number of small clearance cairns and several larger cairns, possibly burial mounds.”

The consultant council archeologist for the application Claire Herbert said: “Having reviewed the plans submitted with the application, I can advise I have significant concerns over the proposed trail routes outlined and their potential impact on the known archaeology in this area...

“In the first instance, I would highlight that no work should be undertaken within 20m of the boundary of a Scheduled Monument, and Historic Scotland should be consulted for their comments regarding potential impact on the Scheduled Monument at the South end of the site.

“I would not be keen to support the application as it is currently being proposed, but would be happy to discuss the archaeological requirement with the applicant if required. Had we been consulted at an earlier stage, we would have been able to highlight our concerns and the information used as a means of informing the proposed trail routes.”