Tasty treats sold for good cause

Cakes for Kate Lynne
Cakes for Kate Lynne

Tasty treats sold at Ballater Primary school raised over £200 for a good cause recently.

Their stall, Caitlin’s Cakes for Kate Lynne’s Wishes, sold their homebakes like they were hot cakes.

Friends and family turned up and snapped up the delicious goods for very reasonable prices- most cakes costing far less than £1.

The sale was arranged in memory of a young Deeside girl who passed away under tragic circumstances in January.

Kate-Lynne Mitchell was born with dislocated knees and hips, a cleft palate and she later developed scoliosis and epilepsy.

She was developmentally-delayed and used a wheelchair or buggy at all times as she was unable to walk.

She died suddenly on January 4 with tributes paid to her at Glen Muick Church in Ballater.

Balloons and lanterns were released in her honour at the service with everyone asked to come along in bright colours.

Her mother, Paula, told the Piper in January that the family - father Glen, and brothers Ashton, Jamie and Ramsay - had been “devastated” by the loss but enjoyed every minute spent with Kate-Lynne.

Paula added: “We have had the most incredible 12 years with her, and the void left in our lives is immeasurable.

‘‘Kate had many wonderful holidays and has seen camels in Dubai, lion cubs in South Africa, beaches and been swimming in Majorca and Portugal.

“In the last year she saw the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, been to two weddings, and went on a safari holiday.

‘‘She also got to see nearly every family member and went to her brother’s and cousin’s baptism. We really had a great year.”

It was then decided to set up a charity in her name.

Kate-Lynne’s family, who now live in Southern England, plan to come back up to Deeside to be presented with the cheque later in the year.