Tell of travel woes and help university research

People from Aberdeenshire who have recently experienced travel disruption are being asked to share their experience as part of a major new study.

Experts from the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Transport Research are involved in a £1.2 million project examining how people react when an incident interferes with their typical travel plans.

This could be a major event such as adverse weather, flooding, transport strikes or a terrorist alert or minor occurrences within the family such as a car breakdown, which disrupt normal journey patterns.

Dr Jillian Anable, Acting Director of the University’s Centre for Transport Research said: “We are focusing on how people cope when they are forced to make changes to their usual transport choices because of circumstances outside of their control. We are asking people who have had recent experience of major or minor events which have interfered with their typical transport choices, to come forward and answer a few simple questions about how they have been affected, how they coped and what measures they had to take.

“Volunteers in the study will be asked to join a small discussion group to talk about these issues.

“These discussions will be held in the week beginning February 27 in the new University library in the early evening.”

Those interested in taking part should contact Jillian Anable on email at or by telephone on 01224 373795. Volunteers can completing a survey online at