Tens of phones go dead in Donside village

A Donside village took a step back in time this week when it found that the only working telephone line was the village phonebox.

Residents of Kildrummy were left with no dialing tone as they picked up their landline telephones on Thursday (August 30).

Server provider BT told residents that there was no fault with the line but rather with their properties and said that an engineer would be dispatched to the village on the Saturday (August 31).

When the workman arrived he informed one of the residents that the VBT5 card was out on the main server for the village and replaced it.

He said that the fault had affected some 96 telephone lines in the local area.

Ironically, the old BT red phonebox in the village was still operational throughout the 48-hour period.

Local hotelier Darren Gimber, who runs the Kildrummy Inn, told the Piper: “I reported ours as a business immediately. twice in fact... Both times BT business told us there was no fault on the line and it must be a problem within our equipment/box in the building...

Darren took to social media to get to the root of the problem: “Bizarrely we still had an internet connection, and through that and other Kildrummy residents posting on Facebook it became apparent that we are not the only ones with the problem.

“All the people I have spoken with have tried to report faults. BT has informed them also that they cannot find a fault at the exchange and they could be charged hundreds of pounds if there is a problem at the house...

“While this is an inconvenience it also has the potential to cost us and other businesses thousands of pounds as we have no means for completing credit card transactions with no working phone line.”

Darren has since been given a compensation form but says the company still refuse to acknowledge a server fault.

A spokesperson for BT said: “Faults were raised with us on Thursday afternoon and, despite remote testing showing lines to be ok, we arranged for an engineer to attend on Saturday, which was the first available appointment. We also set up a divert to people’s mobiles, where possible, so that they did not miss any incoming calls... An engineer visited the exchange on Saturday... BT guarantees to repair a fault by midnight on the third working day after the fault was reported. In this case, the fault was repaired in around 48 hours. We’d like to apologise to everyone for the inconvenience caused by this...”