“Terrified” dog looking for new home after rescue

The scared dog
The scared dog

An animal welfare charity with a Deeside rescue centre is seeking a loving home for “one of the most terrified dogs” they have ever rescued.

The Scottish SSPCA took in Leah, a four-year-old crossbreed dog, after she was found straying in poor condition in Elgin last November.

Leah was underweight, suffering from a painful skin condition and visibly petrified but after three months of rehabilitation staff at the charity’s centre in Drumoak believe she is now ready to find a new home with a devoted owner.

Centre assistant manager Debbie Innes said: “When Leah arrived here it was truly heartbreaking to witness how traumatised and scared she was.

“She was undoubtedly one of the most terrified dogs we have ever come across and yet she doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.

“We don’t think we’ll ever know what happened in Leah’s past to make her so afraid but something has clearly left its mark on this sad wee soul.

“At first Leah was so terrified of everyone and everything, she just hid in her bed and would flinch at human contact. She would shake and cower if anyone approached her with an object in their hand, even a toy, as though she thought they were going to harm her.”

But staff have helped her and she is now playing with toys and becoming more sociable.

Anyone who can offer Leah a home is being asked to contact the Rehoming Centre on 03000 999 999