This is a hidden jewel in Donside dining...

Echt Tandoori
Echt Tandoori

Echt Tandoori has been open for three years now and is the second restaurant run by proprietor Jeffrey Rahman in Aberdeenshire.

Located next to the Echt Primary School, this house of traditional Indian dining has distinguished itself already, taking industry awards for high standards.

Upon arriving we were greeted by exceptionally polite and warm staff, who were happy and knowledgeable in discussing the menu, highlighting a mild choice, or gently encouraging an attempt at something spicy.

While we waited for our first course, a mixed platter starter sharer, our waiter brought a selection of homemade sauces to accompany popadoms.

Although an appetiser, meant to just excite and awaken the palate, the crisp spiced onions and the sweet mango chutney proved to be an exotic taste infusion.

The mixed platter arrived and my companion and I shared a wide eyed acknowledgment that we had a very delicious task ahead of us.

The tender meats and succulent king prawn, mixed with onions, vegetables and a variety of spice was delicious and without caution, one could easily be full too early.

Jeffrey, who used to run Light of Bengal in Aberdeen, said: “I learned how to cook from my family aged about 15 or 16.

Nothing is ever pre-prepared, we make everything from scratch.”

The restaurant’s layout lends itself to occasion and intimacy in equal measure, with banquet tables for large parties and private booths for a secluded evening.

On to the main courses, with old favourite Chicken Jalfrezi for my companion and Achaari Lamb for myself.

The presentation was exceptional, as one chef’s main duty is ensuring the aesthetic quality of the dish and he does it very well.

The lamb was beautiful, with caramelized vegetables binding the dish together with a delicious texture.

By the time we were finished, I had achieved a very high level of satisfaction and was already deciding what delight I would sample on my next visit to Echt Tandoori.