Three artists at The Millers

A new group of three artists are exhibiting in the Acorn Restaurant at The Millers of Midmar throughout August and September.

Frances Gilroy, Julia Macauley and Bern Ross are all from the Stonehaven area and this is the first time they’ve exhibited together.

All three artists are influenced by their surrounding Mearns countryside, the coastline and harbours although the pictures on show make an eclectic collection.

Frances said: “We are all interested in colour and we seem to love exploring different subjects and media.”

“Creatively we have to keep moving on,” Bern Ross added. “It’s the definition of an artist, really, producing unique work all the time.”

Julia Macauley is inspired by dreams and sometimes by a book she’s reading, although she enjoys painting en plein air near her home and when abroad. Frances’s work is inspired by unexpected observations like the abstract patterns of nature seen in tree bark and the colourful countryside at El Cerillo in Spain.

Bern Ross loves the variable terrain and changeable weather in Scotland, which she says suits her temperament. In this display of paintings, she explores a wide variety of subjects, from landmarks near her home in Stonehaven to imagined scenes.

“Our work complements each others’ really well,” says Frances Gilroy of Catterline, “and I hope we’ll be able to exhibit together again in the near future.”

The Millers of Midmar shows a regular exhibition of artists’ work in the Acorn Restaurant for two months at a time, donating a percentage of sales to a charity of their choice.

The Mearns artists will be there throughout August and September. Their work includes oil paintings, acrylics, pastel work and watercolours: all pictures are for sale on the spot.