Tips on home security to members

MEMBERS OF Aboyne Probus Club received a timely reminder concerning the security of their homes and valuables at their recent monthly meeting.

PC. Kev Marron the local Crime Reduction Officer pointed out that although Deeside is a comparatively low crime area, opportunist burglary is more common than people imagine and that individual thieves and even gangs of thieves do visit the area.

If people were more security minded and thought more about the easy pickings around their property then these thieves would just not bother, he said.

His biggest challenge, he said, was to warn householders against complacency and to stop them thinking ‘it will never happen to me ‘! If and when it does, the losses can be not only felt in monetary terms, and increases in future insurance premiums, but also family jewels and heirlooms are often irreplaceable and leave people feeling sad and distressed.

Amongst the precautions that people should take were the locking of sheds, garages and nowadays oil tanks; the hiding away of house, padlock and vehicle keys and the provision of security alarms and lights and warning notices.

Measures to make most properties reasonably safe and secure, he said, could be carried out comparatively cheaply and if only people did this and took simple other precautions like leaving on a light and the TV while when going out, in all probability visiting thieves would just not bother.

PC Marron concluded by urging members to purchase a small securely fixed safe in which to keep small valuables, keys and importantly photographs of expensive items particularly jewellery and demonstrated the use of ultra-violet pens.

He then answered a number of questions from members who promised to return home and attend to their do something about their own situation.

Thanking the speaker on behalf on those attending, Ed Horton quoted from his own experience and said they all had much to learn from the talk.

The next meeting, which will incorporate the AGM, will be held on April 24when Ken Mills will recount memories of The Suez Campaign.