Titanic night of drama set for Aboyne

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Heaven’s Gate is an evocative new drama, written to commemorate the centennial of the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 for Titanic 100.

It is on, for one night only, in Aboyne Theatre on October 3 (7.30pm).

Set in the few hours following the disaster, the show focuses on the fate of three very different people on board the ship. Their stories, taken from actual accounts, mirror the experiences of hundreds of passengers on board the liner on that frozen night.

The hand of fate or destiny! That immeasurable force, which in that split second changes your life from magic to tragic. Are the characters really the people they seem or do they have a hidden story? Will they survive the tragedy or like more than 1500 unfortunates that night, perish? In this forum theatre production, you the audience will decide their fate.

Relive the terror and the uncertainty of that one night which changed the world - the first truly global disaster.

Heaven’s Gate by Annie James is directed by Chris Begg for Quids In Theatre Company, Aberdeen,

Tickets available from theatre box office.