Top marks to Keig school

Aberdeenshire Council has congratulated the headteacher, pupils, staff and parents for the positive outcome of the recent inspection of Keig Primary School by HMIe Inspectorate of Education.

The school was inspected in April 2011 as part of a national sample of primary education.

The inspection covered key aspects of the work of the school at all stages and the report discusses how well children are doing and how good the school is in helping them to learn.

It looks at how well staff, parents and children work together and how they go about improving the school as well as how well the school works with other groups in the community. The report also focuses on how well the school is led and how staff help the school achieve its aims.

HM Inspectors identified the following as being key strengths of the school:

The range and quality of children’s learning experiences; polite, well behaved children who are keen to learn and the care and commitment of the headteacher and all staff.

The inspection report identified and suggested the following areas for improvement: Improve attainment in mathematics and continue to take forward the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence to ensure all children make appropriate progress. As a result of the quality of education provided by the school and its capacity to make the necessary improvements, HMIe have no plans to make any further formal visits. The areas for improvement will be addressed through the school’s improvement planning cycle.