Torphins Community Council raise flat concerns

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Torphins Community Council (TCC) has raised concerns over a proposed flatted development in the village.

Revised plans to demolish a workshop at Station Road and build flats in its place was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council last November.

A number of local residents raised a number concerns at a community council meeting the following month over the size and style of the development, as well as the impact it would have on surrounding amenity space.

The community council’s representation to Aberdeenshire Council has now been posted on the local authority’s website.

In the report TCC chair, Rosemary Bruce, writes: “In general, the majority of members were in favour of the proposition of demolishing the existing workshop and replacing it with some kind of small, flatted accommodation in the centre of the village but there were a number of objections/reservations about this specific application.”

A concern about the proposal expressed in the TCC submission was that the design of the building was not in keeping with other buildings in the vicinity.

The TCC comment also expressed concern about the plan to turn part of the popular track at Station Road into a car park. The Old Station Road track was stopped to traffic 10 years ago to avoid potential conflict between school pupils, who use it as a means of accessing Torphins School.

The community council also had an issue with “the excessive on-street and dangerous parking” that a 10-flatted development would generate in the centre of the village.

A total of 18 objections against the development have so far been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.