Torphins plan for Jubilee

A Torphins Action Group has been formed to organise the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year.

The group says it is very pleased that the Laird, Mr Thomas Innes of Learney, has agreed to be part of the celebrations, especially as his grandfather played a prominent part in the celebrations of the Diamond

Jubilee of Queen Victoria when a memorial fountain was erected in the village to commemorate this event.

The Action Group had its first meeting in the Learney Arms Hotel when the emphasis was

upon ideas for the celebration.

The Group also welcomed Councillor Rosemary Bruce, a resident of Torphins, as a member to help provide a valuable link with Aberdeenshire Council.

It was decided that the Torphins celebrations would take place on Saturday, June 2.

Ideas for the celebration which the group discussed, include a picnic and tea party be held in the grounds of the Torphins Medical Centre; a lasting memorial and trees to be erected in the park in place of the existing remaining four trees planted in regard to a former Jubilee. It was also suggested that a commemorative large granite stone with plaque be commissioned and placed amongst the new planted trees. Celebrations should involve the Queen Victoria Fountain with an unveiling of the fountain with Piper playing and children to do a cycle past as occurred at the Queen Victoria Celebration.

The group suggested seeking donations from local businesses to help with costs.

The next meeting of the Action Group is in the Learney Arms Hotel on March 22.