Total ball funds exceed £250,000

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Funds from this year’s Summer Marquee Ball have exceeded all previous ball totals, raising a staggering £28,500 for local charity, Homestart Deeside.

This means the Summer Marquee Ball has now raised more than £250,000 for local causes since it began back in 1998.

Homestart Deeside co-ordinator, Linda Clark, thanked the organisers at a recent presentation, saying she and the Homestart Deeside team were overwhelmed by the huge amount raised for their organisation.

Ball organisers Logan Sangster and Dawn Law thanked the Homestart Deeside team for their support and help with this year’s event, and also the local community which, year after year, lends its support to the ball.

“We are thrilled that the 2011 event has been financially the best ever Summer Ball, and we are also delighted to have gone through the quarter of a million mark this year,” said organiser Logan Sangster.

“This would not be possible if it was not for the individuals and companies who lend their support, along with the ball guests, who are always very generous on the night.”

Next year’s ball will be in the planning at the end of this year, but the beneficiary has still to be decided on.