Town centre views wanted

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Banchory residents are being urged to give their views on how the town centre could be improved.

The area received £160,000 from Aberdeenshire Council’s 100 day pledge earlier this year as well as a similar amount from Tesco, which was part of a planning gain agreement when their store was built at Hill of Banchory two years ago to address any potential affect on the town centre.

Although some of the planning gain money has been used, local councillor Jill Webster says a group is looking into improvements and are keen to hear the opinions of residents.

She said: “The council has now received all of the planning gain money from the Tesco development and have five years to spend it from its receipt.

“A town centre group is in place made up of the ward councillors, representatives from the community council, the Business Association and BDI as well as council officers.

“The group is looking at the town centre priorities taking account of the Banchory Community Action Plan.

“With council money now in place to take forward Scott Skinner Square improvements, the pot of money has now almost doubled.

“A project is being developed to further engage the public and to aid the design of improvements.

“This will take time but will help to raise the profile of the town centre and aid the improvement decisions.

“We want to look at making the square more user friendly, and an entertainment space, improve signage throughout the town centre, and market the town centre to encourage its use.”

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