Town hall event looks at alcohol

The Banchory Alcohol Project is organising an event open to everyone to look at issues around alcohol and how it has an effect on the community in Banchory and district.

The event, “Drink Wise, Stay Wise-Alcohol is everybody’s Business,” will be held on Monday, March 19 in Banchory Town Hall.

The group are hoping as many people will come along to what promises to be an interesting evening and will be offering refreshments and nibbles and will have interesting freebies to give away.

Cllr Jill Webster said: “This community event will compliment work which is ongoing in schools during February on drugs and alcohol education and will focus on how alcohol affects the community. A variety of local familiar faces will be present to participate in the evening and I am sure people will find it enlightening, informative and interesting.”

The group has completed a survey in Banchory which shows that 32% of S1 pupils had drunk alcohol with that figure rising to 60% in S2 and wants to empower parents and the community to address this ever increasing issue.

Aberdeenshire wide figures show that 61% of 13 year olds already having drunk alcohol, rising to 88% of 15 year olds.