Traffic changes are welcomed by councillor

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Ballater councillor Katrina Farquhar believes forthcoming traffic changes around the village will be welcomed by local residents and visitors alike.

The changes, which come into force on December 3, include ‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions on a number of streets, a one-way traffic restriction on Viewfield Road and a 45 minute parking limit on Bridge Street.

Cllr Farquhar said: “The residents of Ballater have welcomed these measures and have been waiting some time for them to be put in force.

“The 45 minute limit on Bridge Street used to be in force but over time the signs have fallen down.

“It should help with visitors and locals using the shops, they will manage to get a parking space close to the shops.

“The change to Viewfield Road making it one way has been required for a long time, it is a very blind junction and there have been numerous incidents there so this should make it a safer junction.

“The ‘no waiting at any time’ changes are welcomed as cars parked in these area do make it difficult for visibilty, which is a concern for pedestrians and other road users.”