Transport museum revs up for the future

The Grampian Transport Museum (GTM) in Alford has been awarded full accredited status under a new, stricter national standards scheme.

The Accreditation Scheme is administered in Scotland by Museums and Galleries, Scotland on behalf of the Arts Council.

GTM was one of the first museums in Scotland to gain the original museums registration status in the 1980s, and achieved this new accreditation after being assessed in five key areas: performance, profile, people, partnerships, planning and patronage.

Museum curator Mike Ward said: “All of these five areas have strict criteria to be met.”

“The UK Museums Accreditation Scheme is a useful yardstick by which to measure performance and standards.

‘‘It confirms to all of our stakeholders that the Grampian Transport Museum is genuine and part of the national museums network.”

GTM boasts an impressive range of transport exhibits, from travelling chariots from the the 1800s to some of the fastest production and specialist cars ever made.

Very much a ‘living museum’ that probes the past, present and future, many exhibits are interactive in that visitors can climb aboard, get their hands on and, occasionally, have a ride on.

The exhibits are updated every year during the closed season, providing a wide range of new and exciting things to see each year.

Now this popular Donside tourist haunt with events like Speedfest and the annual vintage rally, will have access to a huge catalogue of new items to put on show.

Mr Ward, added: “Being accredited gives GTM certain advantages, the best of which is access to the ‘Distributed National Collection.’

‘‘In other words we can invariably bring to Aberdeenshire wonderful items from the reserve collections of other accredited museums in the UK and further afield.”

“The award allows us to look forward to the future with confidence.”

GTM is currently considering proposals for a brand new reception area.

Later this year improvements to the roof will allow the conditions within the building to be much more controlled and comfortable for visitors.