‘Transport policy puts kids at risk’ say parents

Parents in a Deeside village have urged council chiefs to re-think a school transport policy which they say puts their children’s safety at risk.

The existing policy stipulates that rural residents who live less than two miles from a school are not entitled to free transport and must pay for a ‘privilege seat’ on the bus.

The parents have argued that the rule is both hitting their pockets and putting their children in danger- with youngsters who can’t afford the bus having to brave up to four mile daily journeys along roads without pavements, poor lighting and 60 mile speed limits.

All the families live just under the two miles from Lumphanan Primary and are campaigning for a free transport to school. Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee will debate the issue today (December 5).

Lisa Zvegintzov, spokesperson for the parent’s group, said: “Is it fair to expect these young children, to have to walk in such dangerous conditions to school, or pay for the privilege of arriving in safety on a bus that would go past their house anyway?”