Turbine activist disapointed

A Tibberchindy windfarm campaigner has expressed “deep disappointment” after it was revealed that the Cairngorms National Park Authority is being advised not to oppose plans to the controversial development.

In a report, which will be discussed by the park’s planning committee on Friday (January 12), officers recommended that no objection to the six-turbine development be raised.

Vicky Dawson of the opposition No-to-Tibberchindy group said: “I am deeply disappointed with what the park is saying but I am not surprised. I have a great deal of respect for what they do but I understand they must be under a lot of pressure to come to this decision.”

The Park Authority believes that the six 377ft turbines planned for the site near Alford would not have an impact on the aesthetics of the park itself.

Ms Dawson believes there was pressure for the park to come to a positive decision on the windfarm: “I believe the Scottish Government has put a bit of pressure on them.”

“My hope is just that local democracy wins the day. From what we know the local populace is very against it- there has been 350 plus objections to it and less than ten for. Donside District Council will also be objecting to it.”

Edinburgh based Infinis Energy had lodged a planning application with Aberdeenshire Council and claims the site would generate electricity to power between 8,000 and 8,500 homes.