U-gan-da wash your car on Saturday?

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We all know the state winter weather can make of our cars - whether it’s muddy from the wet country roads, white from the salt, or brown from the grit. And what’s worse is you feel it’s a waste of time washing it because within a couple of days your car will be back to its old dirty self.

However in Banchory this Saturday your weather-beaten car could make all the difference in getting a group of Banchory young people and their leaders to Uganda this summer, and get a clean - for a couple of days anyway!

Forget having to get your bucket and sponge out, forget having to defrost the garden hose and forget getting soaked on a chilly winter’s day - just head down to Banchory East Church car park between 10am and 1pm on Saturday (23 March) and enjoy a hot drink and home bakes whilst watching enthusiastic teenagers scrub off the winter mud and muck to restore your car to its showroom shine!

Fifteen young people and leaders of the Edge - Banchory East and West Churches’ youth group - are hoping to head to Uganda in July.

They’ll be going with Missions Direct and they’ll be involved in two main projects whilst in Kumi.

There, they’ll help to build a house or farm building for COHAD which stands for Children of Hope and Dignity, where orphans share a home with a house mother and receive an education.

As well as this, they will also do some building or maintenance work at St Martin’s Secondary School as well as having a few other local projects up their sleeve.

For more information about the car wash, or about the mission trip, contact amy.claire.pierce@gmail.com.