Unwanted cats flood centre

Willow is a three to four years old cat
Willow is a three to four years old cat

The Scottish SPCA centre in Drumoak has reported a surge in unwanted cats and kittens, with 33 homeless felines currently in their care.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is encouraging potential owners in the area to consider giving a rescued pet a second chance.

Graeme Innes, manager of the centre, said: “Our cattery is currently operating at close to full capacity and this has been the case for some time now.

“It’s very sad but our centre is constantly filled with unwanted, abandoned and neglected cats and we are continuing to receive more every day.

“In the past, kittens would be rehomed as soon as they were eight weeks old and ready to leave us but they now remain with us for much longer.

There simply doesn’t seem to be the same demand for kittens as we’ve seen previously.

“Some of the cats we have in our care are sick or injured and receiving veterinary treatment and we also have cats who are pregnant and can’t be rehomed until they’ve weaned their kittens.

“This means that many of our cattery spaces are filled on a medium to long-term basis so it’s very important for us to find good homes for our cats who are ready to be rehomed.

“We currently have sixteen cats waiting to find new owners and they are all longing to be in loving, comfortable home environments.

“It’s such a shame to see so many cats living in our rescue centres as all animals deserve to be part of a caring family.”

Anyone interested in offering a cat or kitten a home can call our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999 or visit www.scottishspca.org/rehoming.