US guitarist to play in Deeside

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Tarland and Banchory are to showcase the talents of one of California’s finest guitar players.

Coull residents Claire Fraser and Simon Spoor were in California when they had a chance meeting with virtuoso guitarist, Walter Strauss. While visiting a friend near San Francisco, they had parked on the street outside the house not knowing whose space they had used.

“We noticed this guy was having problems parking due to our vehicle being in the way,” said Simon, “So I went out to apologise and move our car. We soon got chatting about a common interest in music and Walter handed me one of his CDs.” “Later that night,” Claire added, “we listened to his music and we realised we’d just met an amazing musician!”

That was four years ago and since then, a close friendship has developed. Walter has often toured England and Ireland and is regularly featured on Bob Harris Country and local radio stations, but has rarely made it north of the border.

Walter said: “I managed to play in southern Scotland at a festival Simon and Claire recommended in 2009, but my schedule didn’t allow for much more. But after receiving such a warm welcome from the Scots I played for and seeing how beautiful Scotland is, I was determined to come back.”

At 7pm on Wednesday, May 18, Buchanan’s Bistro at Woodend Barn, will be serving a two- course dinner while Walter plays two intimate sets between courses. There will be ample opportunity to chat with Walter personally and keen musicians will want to view his guitar which, unusually, has no sound hole. Cost is £17.50. Call Buchanan’s Bistro on (01330) 826530 to book.

At 7.30pm on Thursday, May 19, in Tarland’s MacRobert Hall, Walter will play alongside local band Catford. Multi-instrumentalists Steve Crawford and Davie Cattanach (ex Old Blind Dogs and The Pictones) and their guests will play material from their new album, ‘Chronicles’. Tickets will be available on the door at £10. Take your own refreshments. Find out more about Walter Strauss at: and