VIDEO: Car caught driving with blanket of snow on windscreen outside Alford

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A YouTube clip has emerged showing a ‘reckless’ motorists driving with a ‘blanket of snow’ covering his windscreen on the B9119 near Alford.

The Video, which was uploaded by YouTube user ‘Caters Clips’ describes the incident as “A reckless motorist spotted driving ‘almost blindly’ in rush hour traffic with their windscreen almost completely obscured in snow.

“Sean Sangerman, 25, was on his way to work at 7.45am on Monday morning when the sight in Garlogie, Aberdeenshire, of the car driving despite heavy snow blanketing the windscreen left him stunned.

“Although they had cleared only a few centimetres from the dashboard, the mystry driver of the dark blue Nissan Qashqai is believed to have driven at least six miles in the dangerous manner – possibly much further.”

Police Scotland have been informed about the video.