Volunteering choice for young people

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Banchory and Mid Deeside Councillor Karen Clark has welcomed a new initiative which is aimed at supporting young people to be volunteers.

At the fourth AGM of Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire (VCA) on Thursday August 11, Councillor Clark, who is a Board member of VCA, praised the launch of the Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award for young people aged 5-15 years old.

Cllr Clark said: “VCA is part of the Volunteer Centre Network Scotland supported by funding from Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Government.

“VCA’s ambition is that youngsters get recognition for their contribution to volunteering and this award will help further that objective.

“We have heard a lot of negative publicity about young people in the press over the last week but we know here in Deeside that many of our youngsters contribute positively to their communities and it is their energy, enthusiasm and hard work that this new Award seeks to recognise.”

At the AGM, David Hekelaar, Convener of VCA, invited organisations and individuals to become members of VCA by visiting their website at www.vcaberdeenshire.org.uk.

In Banchory, Carol Peacock is the volunteering development officer based in the VCA’s High Street office on 01330 825794.