‘Welcome’ news on depot

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A SNP Councillor has welcomed the news that Aberdeenshire Council is to retain its vehicle maintenance facility and team in Aboyne.

SNP Councillor for Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside, Geva Blackett, described the development as “very welcome”, and praised the valuable role which the depot and its staff play in the area.

There had been uncertainty surrounding the future of the depot, following the announcement of an organisational review into the Council’s Fleet and

Vehicle Maintenance Service.

However, following consultation, Council Officers have now decided that proposed changes to workers’ shift patterns will not go ahead, and that vehicle maintenance teams and facilities in Aboyne and Macduff will now be retained.

Speaking following the announcement, Cllr Blackett said: “This is a very welcome development. The Aboyne depot and the teams who work from there perform a vital role in keeping Aberdeenshire Council services on the road.

By maintaining the local snow ploughs and gritters, they also help to keep the rest of us moving in all weathers as well.

She added: “It was never realistic to think that the same level of service could be provided in the area by a more distant depot or by mobile work teams. I’m very pleased that the views of the depot workers have been listened to, and that local services will continue to receive the best possible support from the Council’s Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Service.”

Aberdeenshire gritters have won cross-party praise this year due to their handling of the extremely unseasonable weather that has been battering Scotland in recent weeks.