Why not go for a spin?

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The first big event of the year at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford will be Go for a Spin! on Sunday (May 8).

The event offers visitors the chance ride in a range of historic and unusual vehicles, such as the giant 1942 Mack 6x6 snow plough that has been a ‘climb aboard’ exhibit at the museum since 1985. Around 625,000 youngsters have climbed into the cab over the years and imagined a ride in ‘Big Mack’ - which was used to clear the museum site of a few feet of snow in December.

There will be a wide range of vehicles giving rides, including performance cars, classic and vintage cars, trucks, earthmovers and service vehicles. A 1960s AEC Swift motorcoach will be driving out of the site to cross the two river bridges at Alford for a scenic local road run. The event runs from noon, with ride queues closing at 3.45pm.