Witches and internet infidelity

Clare McKenna in Big Telly Theatre Company's Scarlet WWWeb
Clare McKenna in Big Telly Theatre Company's Scarlet WWWeb

The Scarlet WWWeb, produced by Big Telly Theatre Company, is soon to take to the stage at MacRobert Hall in Tarland on November 3.

This production tells of two stories a century apart, one about the last witch burned in Ireland, the other about internet infidelity. Two worlds with a common ground, and two couples who don’t know each other as well as they thought they did. Economic pressure, pipe dreams, and a belief in made up worlds link rural 19th century Ireland with today’s technology driven domain but a firewall hasn’t been invented yet which protects us from ourselves.

Written by Beautiful South’s lead singer Briana Corrigan and acclaimed writer and actor Mary Kelly this production is sure to strike a chord with many audiences.

“In today’s society, our familiarity with social media is almost taken for granted” Zoë Seaton, Director explains. “There seems to be an ever increasing confusion between what is real and what is not and that is often fired by the persona we create on social media tools. But made up worlds have always had a strong presence in our culture; in the Ireland of old we were very familiar with fairies and ghosts, witchcraft and wonderment.

The play is delivered by an acclaimed cast including Shelley Atkinson, Vincent Higgins, Clare McKenna, and Keith Singleton.

Big Telly Theatre Company has a reputation for bringing a night of total theatre and an unforgettable experience to their productions.