World record broken in Abyone

Lukas Wenta, Weight over Bar world record holder
Lukas Wenta, Weight over Bar world record holder

A highlight of this year’s Aboyne Highland Games was when the crowd got behind one of the heavy athletes as he broke a world record.

The Weight over Bar is a combination of a dynamic, one-armed kettlebell swing and the shot-put - the heavy athlete stands beneath a raised stick, then hurls a weight up, and hopefully, over it, with the heavy metal digging into grass a little behind him.

Open race

Open race

In the open event, Poland’s Lukas Wenta set a new world record for the 56lb Weight over Bar, beating his brother, the previous record holder, Sebastian Wenta, and last year’s (joint) winner of the Weight over Bar, Scott Randalls.

Lukas broke the previous record by half an inch.

Lukas said: “Three years ago I managed 17 feet, today I managed 17 feet two inches.

“That’s my personal best, and the world record, so I am happy.

“I think I could throw higher, but it’s been too long today.

“Five or six hours of heavy events, and I’m tired. There’s no power left.”

Earlier in the day, Kyle Randalls from Grangemouth set a new record in the 18-25 category for the Weight over Bar, throwing the slightly lighter 40lb weight 17 feet three inches, breaking the previous 18-25 record by one inch.

Randalls joked: “I only broke it by one inch, but I’ve got another year in this category, I didn’t want to break it by too much this year. “My timing was a bit horrible today but I managed it, so that’s good.”

Randalls added: “The Aboyne Games have been really good this year. I put them on the same scale as the Braemar Gathering.”