X-men star enjoys First Class stay in Ballater

FIRST CLASS STAY: James McAvoy (in the hat)  star of X-men, in Ballater
FIRST CLASS STAY: James McAvoy (in the hat) star of X-men, in Ballater

Scottish star of stage and screen, James McAvoy stayed in The Deeside Inn, Ballater last week while filming scenes for his new movie.

The Hollywood regular was joined by the majority of the ‘Frankenstein’ production staff at various hotels in the area.

Joanna Whysall General Manager at the Deeside Inn said: “I think a good number of the crew were staying locally after shooting scenes.

“We never bother our guests or impinge on their privacy no matter who they are but before leaving James was happy to let us get a picture with him.”

Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven was the backdrop for the film shoot this week - starring actors Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.

The Hollywood duo, whose respective movies include the haunting ‘Woman In Black’ horror and big budget comic book spectacular ‘X-Men First Class’ have been cast in Paul McGuigan’s remake of Frankenstein.

The silver screen re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s classic 19th century examination of the human soul, is expected to be released in January 2015 by 20th Century Fox.

The cast and crew were in Stonehaven on Monday and Tuesday to film scenes in the renowned Dunnottar ruin.

Daniel and James were said to have been spotted relaxing in the town during breaks in filming.

Castle custodian Wendy Sylvester spoke to our sister paper, The Mearns Leader. She said: “We all got a chance to meet and spend time with the cast and crew. They were really warm with staff, and were very nice, genuine and down to earth.

“They seemed to like it here a lot, and I think they enjoyed being here very much. We really enjoyed having them - we’re missing them now they’re gone!

“It’s been a very exciting week for us here, and a nice break from the normal routine.”

The film promises to be a “unique, never-before-seen” twist on the original story, and is told from the perspective of Frankenstein’s hunchbacked assistant, Igor - played by Radcliffe.

Glaswegian McAvoy fills the role of the eccentric scientist with a God complex, Victor von Frankenstein.

Much of the filming has already taken place at Twickenham and Ealing studios, as well as various UK locations.