‘Yes’ man Blair Jenkins answers to Aboyne debate

Jenkings answers questions from the audience
Jenkings answers questions from the audience

Over fifty people turned out at Deeside Community Centre’s Theatre on Wednesday night (June 12) to take part in a debate on Scotland’s future.

Chief Executive of the pro-independence ‘Yes’ campaign, and North- east man, Blair Jenkins OBE was on hand to answer the vast array of questions in the two hour long session in Aboyne.

The Deeside crowd questioned Mr Jenkins on an independent Scotland’s membership to institutions like the EU, UN and NATO, defence cuts following separation, media bias and the future of the Monarchy amongst others.

Jenkins aptly answered the questions put to him in what was a well-mannered debate.

When speaking of media bias he said that “local papers have given us fair treatment.”

Speaking to the Piper after the debate Jenkins said: “As a man from Elgin I am always glad to be back in the North- east. Deeside is a fantastic place and the people in this part of the world are always very courteous, even when they don’t agree with you.”

Phil Boswell of the Aberdeenshire ‘Yes’ campaign said: We are absolutely delighted to see Blair spreading the word about independence outside the Central Belt. We are a broad church in the ‘Yes’ campaign and I think the fact Blair isn’t a politician strengthens that.”

SNP Councillor Linda Clark was at the event and described Mr Jenkins as “an honest orator” and “lovely speaker”.