Young Deesider meets the Royals at Crathie church

FLOWER GIRL: Zoey before she met the Queen
FLOWER GIRL: Zoey before she met the Queen

A young girl from Aboyne had the surprise of a lifetime at the weekend after she had the chance to meet the Queen and present her with flowers.

Zoey Middleton (3) brought the flowers along, hoping for just a wave in return, but was allowed to walk down to the Crathie church side door and give them directly to the regent.

The Royal Family, including The Earl and Countess of Strathern, who are currently holidaying at Balmoral Castle, were entertaining the Prime Minister of New Zealand and his family.

The NZ PM, John key was given a guided tour of the estate during his stay, driven by the Queen herself, and had a chance to meet the new born third in line to the throne, Prince George.

The little prince stayed home for the church service, which rounded up Mr Key’s visit, but his proud parents, William and Kate, were present and delighted to meet little Zoey.

Zoey’s mum Cherri said: “We were told that it wasn’t likely that Zoey could give flowers but they would see if they could put them in the car or take them.

‘‘Then a man came across and said that it was OK for Zoey to go the door to give them to the Queen.”

Since the birth of Prince George, Zoey has grown more and more interested in the Royal Family.

Cherri said: “Zoey did jobs round the house so she could buy the flowers herself, which she got from the secret garden in Aboyne with pinks and purples as she thought the Queen would like them.”

The Queen thanked her, and Kate said she had on a lovely hat and coat.

Cherri said: “For her to actually get to go to the side door of the church and see them was just truly amazing.’’