A bad break for Lewis

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Westhill athlete Lewis Murchie faces a spell on the sidelines after breaking his collar bone during the festive period.

The 19-year-old came off his bike near Garlogie while training on December 28 and is facing up to two months out of action.

Lewis will be hoping he is back to full fitness by April as he is due to compete at the ITU European Triathlon Championships in Israel.

The former Westhill Academy pupil was swerving to avoid a pothole when a strong wind knocked him off course.

Lewis said: “The crash was very unexpected. I knew it was a windy day and in hindsight probably shouldn’t have gone out on the bike, but as always my stubbornness took over!

“I was on my way home and had a massive tail wind pushing me on, meaning that when I came off I was going about 30mph which certainly didn’t help the fall.

“As I swerved to avoid a pot hole about half a mile out side Garlogie, I was hit by a massive cross wind which sent me over the handle bars.

“It was an extremely frustrating thing to happen but it could have been much worse!”

Lewis is optimistic that he will be fit to compete again in a couple of months and is keen to get back training this week.

He said: “The recovery process seems to be going well so far, I’ll get a definitely view of how it’s going later this week when I’m back in for a check up.

“Hopefully, if it all goes to plan I’ll be back on the turbo this week, swimming and running after 4 weeks and back out on the bike after 6-8 weeks.”