Banchory trampolinists bounce into British finals

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Banchory Trampoline Club have eight qualifiers for the British Championships being held this weekend in Birmingham.

The event at the LG Arena (formerly the NEC) sees Banchory equalling the most qualifiers from one club in Scotland.

The competitors have taken part in qualifying competitions throughout the first six months of the year, travelling to Gillingham, Cardiff, Hull and South Shields.

All the competitors are excited about being part of the most prestigious trampolining competition in the British calendar and have been working very hard to be at their best.

Local qualifiers are Craig Fyfe, Duncan Ross, Ruaraidh Simpson, Iain Ross, Jovita Fawcett, Graham Ross, Lewis Byers and Katie Forbes. All of them, except Iain, will be competing at DMT, while Craig and Ruaraidh plus Iain and Graham will be taking part in the synchronised trampoline competition.

Ruaraidh will also be competing in individual trampoline.

DMT is a discipline of trampoline. The equipment is like an elongated trampette, the competitor sprints along a 20 metre run up, leaps onto the DMT and performs one skill on the “bed” and one skill as a dismount on to a large landing area of crash mats.

Synchro trampoline is when the two partners do a trampoline routine, trying to land on the “bed” at exactly the same time throughout the routine.

Head coach at the Banchory club, Melanie Stewart Wills, said “There has been an incredible amount of work put into getting to where they are right now, with many hours of training, both on the equipment and in flexibility and conditioning. The sport requires extreme precision to pull off some of the very complex skills these young people perform.’’

Melanie will spend the weekend running from one point to another while the boys and girls compete, as several of them are on one after the other.

Her husband and fellow coach at the club, John Wills, is chair of the judges panel at DMT both days.

In March, he took part in an International Judging Course held at British Gymnastics headquarters, in Lilleshall, Shropshire, becoming one of only three International Judges for trampoline in Scotland.

Banchory Trampoline Club, is the second biggest in Scotland, (only Edinburgh is bigger) and there are 130 members. Places are generally full but there are some available on a Saturday. Contact the club by e-mailing;