There were 145 fish reported to FishDee for the week up to September 6. We had good conditions, on the whole, last week with the river settled and at a good fishing height.

Friday, 19th September 2014, 12:39 pm
Jenny with her whopper.

It was a frustrating week for many beats; a few I spoke to on the lower and middle and upper river mentioned that they had fish in the pools, but these were very reluctant to take.

A cold snap would have been useful, bringing more of the residents on the take.

That said one ghillie tells me there were silver fish in his pools, but these didn’t want to know either. That’s fishing I suppose!

Dee Beat - Piet at Culter.

The fresh fish are usually more co-operative and there was some good sport where these were in evidence as far up as Aboyne Castle.

Sport was patchy on the lower beats, which would have had a reasonable expectation of a few more fresh fish at this time of year.

That said, there were reports of fish running the river; I was speaking to a couple of lower river ghillies and they had the impression that they were not stopping.

A number of these did stop at Park, which finished with 38 for the week.

Big fish caught by Lawrence - Dee Beat

Dee regulars, and newlyweds, Steve and Jenny Wellard, had a productive four days at Park and accounted for about a third of the fish from the beat. Jenny got in touch to share their exploits.

‘We had a great four days, with reasonable fishing conditions and managed a good lot of excellent fish, up to 19lbs, with many of our 14 landed sealiced.

“There was a steady run of fresh fish livening up some of the pools particularly on the Friday night as the water rose slightly.

“The lift of water on Saturday slowed the fishing down somewhat but we still managed a fish each on our last day, mine hooked on a sunray at 2015hrs in Coopers eventually landed on the bank as an older cock fish at 18lbs. Great way to end to visit.’

Fishing Report

15 September 2014

There were 114 fish recorded on FishDee last week. The start of the week showed some promise with 30 on Monday and 28 on Tuesday.

After that catches tailed off with 25 on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, 7 on Friday and 14 on Saturday.

I had reports of runs of fish coming into the river, but these didn’t materialise in the catch in meaningful numbers- particularly on the lower river which is usually favourite for a liced fish in September.

Fresh grilse were also spotted as far up as Dinnet, but proved elusive.

A couple of ghillies tell me that were fresh grilse in evidence on their beats, but they just didn’t want to know.

Interestingly I had was speaking with a couple of other rivers and they were also lamenting the presence of unco-operative fresh fish.

It is indicative of the smaller runs we have had this year. The bigger the run the bigger the proportion of taking fish.

We also have pools with plenty of unco-operative resident fish in them too and it will take a drop in temperature to turn them on.

We had some bright days, which certainly didn’t help matters and we could do with some water; regardless we should be doing better.

As ever there are always highlights during the week, which I am glad to share.

Mads Pedersen, the Culter ghilie sent me a photo of Piet Behrend (a Danish guide working at Aunan lodge on the river Orkla in Noway) who was rewarded with a beautiful silver autumn salmon, which he landed on Thursday.

The fish took him out to the backing before he could get it under control.

Brian Sim at Crathes got in touch to share the welcome news of first fish, for Alan Cromar who landed a 10lb fish after five years of trying, and one for Don Hawkins who landed a 9lb fish in his first ever week salmon fishing. Well done, gentlemen!

‘There was also a first fish for Mailys Billet, who landed a 10lb hen from Bruiach at Dinnet on a Monkey during her first try at salmon fishing.

Mailys also lost a couple of other fish and is now well hooked herself.’

German visitor Markus Kemmer had a couple of fish – one at 6lb and one at 10lb – from Dess on a Park Shrimp and Willie Gunn.

It was nice to meet Norwegian angler Bjorn Riise and friends up at Dinnet during their annual autumn trip.

Bjorn and his party fished Dinnet, Deecastle and Waterside and Ferrar last week, sharing 10 fish and a jack pike.

Among these were a 41 inch fish for Peter Gustin at Deecastle. Bjorn descibed it as, ‘A real croc, and still fat.’

Ivor Corneil had a 12lb fish from Dinnet and also lost a big fish in Pol Ba, which straightened the hooks on him. Bjorn and Pelle Molin also had fish.


Overhead conditions will be better this week, hopefully we have fewer bright afternoons.

Air temperature will be between 13-17 degrees during the day but will drop during the longer nights.

The breeze will be mostly from the east, which will make it feel a bit colder.

Water levels are lower now and we could do with a drop of water to freshen things up and invigorate the fish.

A floater and a tip will cover most eventualities this week. I think the trick will be to vary the speed and depth of the fly.

Flies to try on hooks and tubes include Willie Gunn, Franc N Snaeldas, Ally’s, Cascades, Park Shrimps, Flamethrowers and Monkeys, will be worth a try.

A small black fly might do the trick as the water is low and clear: a Stoat or a small Black Francis could be the answer!

Please send your stories, photos and anecdotes to me at [email protected] 

I am always keen to hear from anglers directly.

Tight lines for the coming week!