Deeside shocks Aberdeen in cup final

It was a case of David versus Goliath, the number one ranked team in the league against the number ninth and, shortly after the opening whistle, Aberdeen knew they were in for a fight from Deeside Girls U13 in this cup clash.

A cross from Deeside’s Katie Becker found Eilidh Mitchell which she drilled into the back of the net for a 1 – 0 lead.

Midway through the half, Aberdeen sent a rainbow shot from midfield just over Katelyn Corsar’s outstretched arms to tie the game. Then, just before half-time, Emily Neish, the very skilled Aberdeen striker, finally got through the formidable Deeside defence (Catrina Anderson and Amy Mackintosh) to put the Aberdeen team up 2 – 1 at the break.

Would Deeside be able to mount a comeback? The answer came seven minutes in when Katie Becker dribbled through the Aberdeen midfield and her left-footed shot found the corner of the net to beat the keeper, bringing the score even and shifting the momentum.

Shortly after, Eilidh struck a hard shot that the Aberdeen keeper could not handle which an opportunistic Becker placed in the back of the net to give Deeside the lead at 3 – 2 with 12 minutes left.

With eight minutes to go, Becker had a long throw-in to the front of the goal which Eilidh again powered into the corner of the net putting Deeside two goals clear.

Aberdeen went on the offensivebut Katelyn Corsar rose to the challenge, time after time denying Aberdeen’s attempts until withtwo minutes to go, another midfield ball found the net over her outstretched arms. Deeside held up during the stoppage time which seemed to last an eternity. The whistle finally blew and the Deeside squad jumped for joy .

Team - Katelyn Corsar, Sophie Taylor, Katie Becker, Catrina and Kirsty Anderson, Jessica Anderson, Amy Mackintosh, Eilidh Mitchell, Rhea Stewart, Amy Christie, Nadia McQuaker-Kajiwara who are coached by George Scott, John Mitchell and Neil Christie.