Driving lesson

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Young Banchory rally driver Michael Dickie was among a group of ten who met up with four extremely experienced and capable instructors at Knockhill Racing Circuit last week.

This was the first structured group training event for the Brick and Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge drivers and there was much excitement and anticipation.

This was fuelled by the fact that the regular rally instructors, Bob and Jamie Watson, were being joined by two young hotshots in the form of John MacCrone from the World Rally scene and Rory Butcher from the Porsche SuperCup series.

The wet weather and slippery track was eagerly embraced as a challenge by the group.

The 10 youngsters were taken around in turn by the instructors on the main track in the Junior’s own cars.

The hillside sealed surface rally stage followed after a short break.

The youngsters came into their own here because a lot of their driving experience up to now has been on rally style stages. But once again there were lessons to be learned – it is better to make mistakes in a safe controlled environment than on the track itself during an event.

The drivers got a real surprise when John MacCrone’s 2011 Ford Fiesta R2 rally car appeared. This is the same type of car as John uses in the 2012 WRC Academy.

It was a chance for John to show how it could be done and each junior was taken around the rally stage by the talented driver.