Garioch Gymnastics Club wins 40 medals at championships

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Members of the Garioch Gymnastics Club achieved fantastic results at the Level 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 Scottish Voluntary Levels Championships, winning 40 medals between only 27 gymnasts.

Results: Level 6, 9 YRS - Olivia Cordiner = 5th Overall, BRONZE Beam. Eryn Thom = 6th Overall, 5th Vault, 5th Bars. Amber Colley = 6th Bars.

Level 6, 10/11 YRS - Lucy Rae = GOLD Overall, GOLD Vault, SILVER Floor, BRONZE Beam, 4th Bars. Molly Simpson = SILVER Overall, GOLD Bars, GOLD Floor, SILVER Vault. Hannah Redfern = 4th Overall, BRONZE Bars, 4th Vault. Elsie Willcocks = SILVER Bars.

Level 6, 12+ YRS - Lea Carlier = 7th Overall, 4th Floor.

Level 3 (IN AGE) - Erin Fraser = 4th Overall, SILVER Bars, BRONZE Vault.

Level 3, 13+ YRS - Lauryn Grant = 7th Overall, GOLD Floor.

Level 4, 10/11YRS - Leandra Gray = SILVER Overall, SILVER Bars, BRONZE Vault, BRONZE Floor. Level 4, 14+ - Megan Wright = 5th Overall, SILVER Floor, BRONZE Vault.

Level 4 (IN AGE) - Leah Reid = BRONZE Bars, 4th Floor. Emily Lawrie = 6th Vault.

Level 4, 12/13YRS - Daisy Willcocks = GOLD Overall, GOLD Bars, 4th Beam, 4th Floor. Joanne Lowe = 4th Overall, SILVER Beam, 4th Bars, 5th Vault.

Level 5, 8YRS - Kirsty Young = 5th Overall, SILVER Bars. Teagan Batho = 6th Overall, BRONZE Beam, 5th Vault. Brooke Masson = 8th Overall, 4th Floor. Isla Clark = 9th Overall, 6th Floor.

Level 5, 9YRS - Emily Morrison = GOLD Overall, GOLD Bars, GOLD Beam, SILVER Vault. Amber Park = 5th Overall, BRONZE Beam, BRONZE Floor, 6th Bars, 6th Vault.

Level 5, 12/13YRS - Erin Tosh = SILVER Overall, GOLD Floor, SILVER Bars, BRONZE Beam, 4th Vault. Isla Stott = 6th Overall. Ashley Mitchell = GOLD Vault. Abbie Colley = 10th Beam.

Level 5, 14+YRS - Jovita Fawcett = GOLD Overall, GOLD Bars, SILVER Beam.

Garioch Gymnastics Club also shone at the Fife 2-Piece competition earlier this month, winning a team medal in every age group.

Results: 6/7 Girls - Team BRONZE = Amy Smith, Kelsey-Marie Whyte, Savannah Cordiner & Pyper Waldrum. 8/9 Girls - Team SILVER = “A” Team = Annabelle Wright, Sophie Norris, Abbie Gordon & Amie MacDonald. GOLD Floor = Faye Mark. BRONZE Floor = Abbie Gordon. Team 4th “B” Team = Faye Mark, Eloise Williams, Aisha Sutcliffe & KaiLi Ziegler. Team 12th “C” Team = Brooke Coull, Erin Neish, Jodie Bain & Alana Urquhart. 10/11 Girls - Team BRONZE = “A” Team = Lauren Masson, Ellie Mackie, Megan Lawrence & Courtney Gilbert. Team 5th = “B” Team = Louise Ross, Lexie Habiby, Erin Smith & Eve Burnett. 12+ Girls - Team BRONZE = Rachel Morrison, Georgia Simpson, Josie Mcleod & Meg Sutherland. Also competing = Sarah Clarke