Haliburton kick off their season

The Halliburton team
The Halliburton team

With the AAFA Season getting underway Halliburton were on their travels. An away trip to Tarves for our opener which without doubt would test Halli to the full. In 9 R.Fulton played a nice ball into S.Jaques who fed Hunter but a great tackle by Middleton halted that attack.

It was visiting Halliburton that were taking the game down the slope to Tarves and Sct Marlow was sharply off his line to pick out Ellis in 11. He played Hunter in down the right who linked with Wilson before a defender scrambled the ball to safety. In 20 with Halli using the slope to their advantage had a couple of decent opportunities in. Initially S.Jaques did well down the left before hammering in a low cross which was frantically cleared away for a corner. That was not properly cleared and R.Fulton collected and did very well to play in S.Jaques, who should have done better, off what was a very good chance. A big miss. Halli pressure continued. K.Jaques swung in a corner which R.Fulton got up to meet, a defender blocking his effort. R.Fulton got back onto the loose ball and squared it into space for Young. He then picked out Hunter but again a magnificent tackle by Tarves’s Leslie thwarted the visitor’s new striker. All the Halli pressure was blunted in 28 minutes.

N.Duncan looked to have things under control but was blatantly shoved in the back. Mr McLean however saw this as acceptable and Tarves took a quick throw inside. Halli looked to be asleep, only R.Fulton trying to close the attacker down. The ball was sort of hit towards goal at snails pace but Halli keeper Sct Marlow was caught out and the ball trundled into the net 1-0. A poor goal to lose after so much domination. In 34 Middleton of Tarves was replaced by Duncan. In 38 G.Fulton didn’t as much pull out of a tackle, more just didn’t even attempt it and the home winger raced into the Halli box, with the Halli defence coming across the Tarves man dived into the area and Halli were awarded a free kick and the skipper was off the hook.

Manager Marlow made a change at the break. It was not happening today for S.Jaques, who was replaced up top by Young. N.Duncan moved forward into the sitting central role and N.McDonald went on at the back. Halli smashed out of the blocks for this half R.Fulton, Wilson, K.Jaques, Wilson who curled a teasing cross into the area. Young got onto it but his hooked effort flew over the bar. Simpson delivered a long throw for Halli which Young nodded on, Wilsons header off that taken by the keeper. Soon after this K.Jaques swung in another tester which Young got up to under pressure and headed over the crossbar. Tarves swopped personnel in 50 McDonald off for Henderson. Hallis N.McDonald made a solid challenge to stop Helme in his tracks. Sct Marlow then almost sold number two. Wilson rolled an easy one back to him, but he decided for reasons known best only to himself, to waltz the ball round an inrushing attacker, who got a foot to the ball. It rolled goalwards but back off the post. Halli levelled in 60 fantastic play from K.Jaques down the left. He collected it wide cut inside going past 3 men before like any good striker would, Hunter simply stole it off his toe and rammed it low into the net for his first ever Halliburton goal 1-1. This should have given Halli a real lift, but instead of pressing on we sat back allowing a ball down the left to go unchallenged, the Tarves man played it into the box and Sct Marlow got down to save, he parried it out then got down again to block the rebound. That also broke loose and unchallenged a home player tucked it in to regain the lead after only 3 mins 2-1. Yet again another soft goal to lose. Halli were not for lying down and K.Jaques raced up the line in 65, he cut the ball across the face of goal but there was no one gambling which allowed the home defence to boot clear. The ball was retrieved by Wilson who slung it back out to K.Jaques. He displayed a great touch to go past his man before slamming in a shot which the keeper got down to save. In 74 N.Duncan got forward onto a square ball his right foot shot from distance flew over the top. Tarves skipper Leslie was replaced by Anderson. Heart break for Halli in 77 A right side corner was curled in and met powerfully by Simpson, his header was net bound until N.McDonald put his head on it to direct it over the bar. In fairness to McDonald it came at him so quickly he could do nothing about it. Subs were being thrown on as Tarves tried to defend their lead Helme replaced by Massie. Halli also changed Hunter for Turner. Turner into sweep, G.Fulton forward to midfield and R.Fulton up top. With 84 on the clock G.Fulton jumped to head in midfield and took a sore one when his head was split open. A trip to hospital later resulted in 3 staples holding his skull together. Howieson replaced him in midfield. In 88 N.McDonald powered into a double challenge to feed K.Jaques but the ball was over hit and rolled harmlessly out of play (F.T.2-1). A very disappointing result for Halliburton who most definitely deserved something out of this game. A disastrous combo however of missed chances and soft goals against will never offer up victory.