Ken pushing for Scotland call-up

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Banchory strongman Ken Nowicki is heading into this weekend’s UKSC Scotland’s Strongest Man competition this Saturday in good form after winning Scotland’s Strongest Team event with his team mate Nick Foxall of Edinburgh University last month.

The team competition was held at Alba West Bike show in Drymen on June 25 and featured teams from all over Scotland and was contested over five events.

The first was a natural stone press where four stones ranging from 55 to 100kg had to be lifted and pressed overhead.

The second event was the 500kg deadlift for reps in which the teams work in tandem to lift a barbell set at 18” for as many repetitions as possible.

Third was the farmers and yoke medley. Two sets of farmers weighing 110 and 120kg per hand had to be carried 15m each then the final implement was a 330kg yoke walk for the same distance.

Ken said: “My team won the first three events. Then had a shocker in the sword hold for time and also the atlas stones.”

This weekend is the UKSC Scotland’s Strongest Man at the Colin Gala Day in Dumfries which sees the athletes take on an axle press for maximum, 15” deadlift for maximum, 150kg farmers walk for distance, 370kg yoke walk, carry and drag and then finally the stones event.

The top four athletes will qualify to represent Scotland at UK’s Strongest Man in August and Ken is optimistic about his chances.

“I’m feeling in good shape all my training has gone to plan so I think I have a good shot. I’ve represented Scotland at a few competitions so it’ll be great to represent the country again in August.”

Ken added: “Two weeks after this competition is the first Junior UK’s Strongest Man qualifier in Dumfries as well so I shall also be competing there to qualify for the finals in Belfast in August.”