Local clubs discuss a sporting chance of working together...


Representatives from various local groups gathered in Alford to hear a presentation on the new sports hubs being set up around Aberdeenshire.

Aim of the meeting in the Community Lounge on Monday, March 2, was to get interested clubs and groups discussing how they could work together.

With the new community school campus to open in October, now is a good time for sports and other clubs in Alford to share their ideas and aspirations.

One of the key themes that came from the evening was the desire to make sport easy in Alford and create a “one stop shop” with a presence throughout the community.

This can take many different shapes and in the coming weeks and months the focus will be on making this a reality tailored to exactly what the community’s needs are.

Other ideas included running multi-sport taster events with all clubs represented, ensuring opportunity for all, fundraising together, clear lines of communication and creating sustainability along with many others.

Sorley Johnston, chair of Alford Basketball Club, said: “The next meeting will be on Monday, March 30, in Alford Community Centre at 7pm.

‘‘The focus will be on looking at what the next steps are to get a hub up and running and what the main priorities would be over the coming year(s).

‘‘Anyone with any interest is invited to come along.’’