Banchory Highland Dancing successes

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The Highland dancers from Gillian Bitta’s Banchory class skipped a path to success recently as they sat their medal tests on June 15.

For some of the girls this was their very first test.

Some of the dancers will be competing in the Banchory Games at the end of July.

A huge number of awards were made.

The categories were as follows: Uni Ted Master and Blue Badge, Pre-bronze Highland, Fling test, Swords test, Bronze Highland, Bronze Bar, Bronze Medallion, Silver, and Globe Cup.

Under Nationals the awards included the Intro Lilt, Intro Barracks Johnnie, Intro Hielan Laddie and Intro Village Maid. Other successes included the Bronze National Flora and Lilt, and Bronze National Barracks Johnnie and Village Maid.

Congratulations to all the dancers who took part and received their awards as a result of last month’s tests.