Banchory trampolinists have a spring in their step!


Banchory Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline Club held their 15th annual Championships on Sunday, September 28.

Fifty members of the club took part in this event. Everyone in the club who can complete a routine was encouraged to participate and all did exceptionally well.

The youngest competitor was just five years old and the age range spanned up to 21. All participants received a certificate and first, second and third-placed received medals.

As always, the top grades produced some excellent competition both on the trampoline and the double mini trampoline.

The highest form trophy was won by Craig Fyfe as was the Quaich for double mini trampoline – no surprise really as he is currently British champion at DMT and Scottish Champion in his trampoline grade.

Craig, along with fellow club mates, had the chance to retain his title at this year’s Scottish Championships held at the weekend.

This year, the competition, which is always an annual highlight, was especially good as the members were bouncing on the brand new equipment that the club has been able to purchase through an Awards for All grant of

A spokesperson added: ‘‘Banchory TC has been shortlisted for the Bank of Scotland community fund award and would love it if you would like to vote for us, text “vote BJP to 82332.’’