blown away

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It was “a classic game of two halves” according to coach Bruce Strachan as Deeside Rugby went down to Ross Sutherland at Invergordon last Saturday.

Deeside trailed 18-0 at the interval and put some points on the board thereafter but went down to their sixth defeat of the season.

Iain Hay-Higgins notched Deeside’s first try after 46 minutes, with another try and conversion boosting the visitors’ tally.

“The first half was frustrating and Ross Sutherland did a great job of controlling the game,” Strachan said.

“No matter what we did we just could not keep hold of the ball for many phases of play. We were defending well and had a few opportunities to attack but our play was too rushed and frantic so Ross Sutherland were rightly ahead at the turn.

“Ross Sutherland are so used to playing with the wind howling across the pitch and they play a tight game to counter the wind, they have the odd attack wide but in general keep it tight. We however prefer to use the full width of the pitch and it started to work in the second half as we calmed the play down and focussed on building the play rather than trying to score from the first phase. It was a classic game of two halves.

“The way our 16 players kept the intensity at such a high level against the 22 opposition players, I just do not know. It was a game they can all be very proud of. They were also awarded a penalty try, which I will just say seemed rather extreme.

“The only way we will compete against Ellon this weekend is if we have continuity within the team that played against Ross Sutherland; if we cannot get the majority of the players back onto the pitch then Ellon will simply brush us to one side.

“We still have a few players with niggling injuries so a two-week break will be very welcome in late November. It will give the coaches valuable time to work on individual and team skills before we get the show back on the road to keep improving.”

Deeside’s fixture against Ellon at Woodend this Saturday kicks off at 1.30pm and is a league/Bowl double header.