Games committee’s big community thank you

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Aboyne Highland Games hosted a thank you reception this week for donors and supporters to celebrate the completion of their new shed.

The reception on Tuesday June 3 saw donors and supporters gather at the site to celebrate this landmark achievement for the Games. A plaque was unveiled naming all those who had helped by the important new facility.

The new storage space will be used to keep the extensive equipment for the Games.

The old shed was bursting with stands and piles of equipment used in the different events from tug o’ war to running races. The new shed will serve as a home for the 800 seater stand used for the Games.

Just 300 yards from the Green, the new shed will save a huge amount of time and effort transporting equipment to the Games.

The shed cost of upwards of £80,000, £63,000 of which was raised thanks to donations from supporters. The remainder of the cost was met by the Highland Games Committee.

The Aboyne Highland Games Committee would like to thank Aboyne Castle Estate Trust,

Gerry Robb Architect, Bert McIntosh/ Breedons, Birseland Builders, Raymond Allan Builder, Alan McConnach and Alan Perry, and Frank Coutts and Stuart McConnach for their support. Thanks also goes to the MacRobert Trust, Aberdeenshire Council Leader Funding, Awards for all, and Moira and Bert McIntosh for their generous donations.