Mike tri-ing hard

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Cults triathlete Michael Adams is in Canada preparing for the new season which starts in the Spring.

This year will be his fourth year competing in triathlon after ten years as a swimmer.

Michael now spends the majority of his time in British Columbia , Canada, but still took time out from his busy schedule to speak to the Piper about how his training is going.

He said: “I am still in winter training which does involve some racing but mainly consists of months and months of high volume intensity work.

“I am very busy working with a new run coach based in Vancouver.

“He himself is a decorated runner and is very successful as an Elite level coach so I am working very hard with him, currently trying to get myself in good shape for the start of the season.

“I am still swimming a few times each week with a small group of the Canadian national distance swimmers and have been joining in with some of the national triathlon team cycling sessions as well, so though it’s very tough to keep up, it will hopefully pay off in the summer.”

Michael decided to make the step up to become a full time athlete this year and believes he has seen an improvement in his performance.

“It has already made a massive difference to how much I am able to fit in to my training schedule and I am definitely enjoying the shift in focus from the past four years balancing training with university.”

Michael will prepare for the season with running races, where he will be able to assess his progress.

“My first pre season races will be a series of 5km runs between Vancouver and Vancouver island starting in a few weeks.

“Most of the Canadian national and Olympic triathlon team athletes will also be racing them so it will be good to put myself up against them early season.

“My first triathlons are in April/May here in British Columbia, again as a lot of the best triathletes are here through their pre season as well, but my main early season race is the Escape from Alcatraz race in San Francisco.

Michael is espicially looking forward to the San Francisco race as he may get to compete against his sporting hero.

“The rumours are that Lance Armstrong will be in the Men’s Pro field which would be great as he’s always been a hero of mine, so to race against him now that he’s retired from Cycling would be really cool.

“I still have around 3 more full months of heavy training before I begin racing more and as long as I can stay injury free I think it will be a good season this year,”

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