Veritable smorgasbord of cultural delight lining up


The programme of events for the Aboyne and Deeside festival started circulating throughout the North-east last week.

From even a cursory glance, it is clear that organisers for this year’s event, July 25- August 10, have put in a lot of work to make sure the line-up is a veritable smorgasbord of cultural delight.

The programme sets out it’s intentions in the opening paragraph: “Our aim is to provide an annual calendar of events to whet the cultural appetites of the whole community of Deeside (and beyond)”

A highlight of the festival will be a showcase of “some of Deeside’s finest talent” in the Gala Variety Concert on the evening of the Aboyne Games (August 2).

Several events align themselves with the wider themes and anniversaries of this year including the beginning of the First World War ,and the Commonwealth.

For fans of music there is a great deal to be excited about from the Mozart Clarinet Quartet to Old Blind Dogs and Friends to Dougie Maclean.

There’s plenty for the literati too with authors Louise Booth, Marion Miller and Tim-Brooke-Taylor speaking at various events.

With so much going on, the Piper will keep you updated each week. For more see: