National Championships for Banchory Trampoline club

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Last month saw members of Banchory Trampoline and Double mini trampoline club head to Perth for the Scottish National Championships.

With 19 qualifiers on trampoline and 11 on DMT, Banchory had the highest combined number of entries of any club in Scotland.

Results on trampoline were at “H” 6-10 girls Zara Fettes 6th. “H” 11-12 girls Aisleen McGarvey 6th, Lucy Byers 8th. “G” 6-10 boys Jacob Batho 4th. “G” 11-12 girls Imogen Forman 12th. “G 13-14 girls Josie McGarvey 6th =. “F” 6-10 girls Ava Fettes 3rd, Jorja Clarke 4th. “E” 11-12 girls Anna Wilson 3rd. NDP 5 15+ girls Gwynneth Tucker 6th, Iona Bruce 8th. NDP 6 13-14 girls Pacha Ball 5th. NDP 6 15+ boys Lewis Byers 7th. NDP 6 15+ girls Charlotte Clarke 5th, Jovita Fawcett 6th, Gill Harrison 8th. NDP 7 17+ men winner of the Gold medal and overall champion Craig Fyfe. NDP 8 15-16 male Graham Ross Gold medal.

On double mini – NDP 3 Otto Ball Gold and overall NDP 3 champion. NDP 5 Gill Harrison Gold and overall NDP 5 Champion. NDP 6 13-14 girls Pacha Ball Gold. NDP 6 15+ Gwynneth Tucker 5th and Stephanie Martin 6th. NDP 7.

Stephanie Martin 6th. NDP 7 13-14 girls Morgan James Gold and overall NDP 7 champion. NDP 7 15-16 girls Charlotte Clarke Gold. NDP 7 17+ girls Jovita Fawcett 2nd. NDP 8 17-18 girls Kim Beattie Gold and overall ladies champion.

Elite 15-16 male Graham Ross Gold. Elite senior men Craig Fyfe Gold and overall men’s champion.

Morgan James was joint winner of the highest form trophy on DMT and Craig Fyfe retained the highest difficulty award for DMT.

These results were very impressive, particularly on DMT as Banchory now have both men’s and ladies Scottish champion.

Coach from the Banchory club, Melanie Stewart Wills said: “We are absolutely delighted with all the results.

“Trampoline and DMT are individual events but as a club we all pulled together to make sure the hard work throughout the year by our members was celebrated and rewarded.

“We had volunteer parents there as coaches, as judges and officials, as well as supporters and that makes such a huge difference.

“We would like to thank all the parents from the club for the support they give their children throughout the year as you really do need to be dedicated as a whole family to the sport when you are competing at this level.

“A huge thank you must also go to all the local businesses that have helped by donating raffles etc for our fundraising events. The whole team were kitted out in newly designed leotards which received so many compliments.

“This truly was a very special day for our club.”