Alford CKD Black Belt grading

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The Alford Choi Kwang Do club based in the Alford Public Hall, Kingsford Road, held a Black Belt grading at the weekend at Tullynessle Hall.

Four of their students were grading from Brown Belt Snr to IL Dan at the event.

John Joss, Marley Grigor-Taylor (12), Kathryn Alice Nicol (11) and Findlay Morrison (10) were all deemed ready to try for their black belts and turned up at the grading ready to give their all.

Examining at the event were Master Nadine Thomas (5th Dan) and Alan Stott (4th Dan).

Master Thomas runs the Choi Kwang Do Black Belt Academy based in Kingswells, and Mr Stott has recently opened a new school at Logie Durno, just outside Inverurie with his co-school owner Georgia Boylan.

The grading lasted over five hours as the students were put through their paces, running through all the syllabus they have learned over the years.

Hand and leg techniques, patterns, speed drills, defence drill and shield attach were all despatched with no problem, and the final power test showed that they could use these techniques correctly.

Commenting, chief instructor John Flann said: “As school owner of the Alford CKD Club I am incredibly proud of our new Black Belts, especially the younger students who showed great perseverance and commitment through the years and it certainly showed on the day.

“I’d also like to thank Alex Dow (2nd Dan) and Alan Thomas who helped throughout the day with floor command, shield holding and assisting with the defence drills.”

Pictured above are: Back row (left to right): John Joss, John Flann, Nadine Thomas, Alan Stott, Alex Dow, Alan Thomas.

Sitting (front): Marley Grigor-Taylor, Kathryn Alice Nicol and Finlay Morrison.